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Mini box: magnetic hinge and closure

3D model description

Elegant mini box with hidden hinge thanks to the use of magnets. Can be used for example as a giftbox for a piece of jewelry or to protect small and fragile things, such as SD cards.

Since you have to interrupt the print twice to insert the magnets, I recommend also changing the filament to achieve the effect of color stripe, that is very aesthetic.

Dimensions: 40 mm x 33 mm x 7 mm
Inner dimensions: 35 mm x 25 mm x 3 mm, but you have to count with the magnets in the corners.

Designed for magnets:
Hinge: 3 mm (diameter) x 8 mm (height), 3 pieces, e-shop (CZ):
Closure: 4 mm (diameter) x 1.5 mm (height), 4 pieces, e-shop (CZ):

  • 3D file format: 3MF, GCODE, and STL





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