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roller cabinet (concept)

3D model description

Classic printers can't print it because it's large formatted for 3d printing rolls.

new system of locking of the big roller to avoid that it turns when the file and to pull.

this piece of furniture can carry up to :

14 roll of 750 gr (7 of 750 gr on a support bar)


10 roll 1 kg (5 of 1 kg on a support bar)

there are 4 rods on a large rotating roller to have the choice of filament to take without always having to take out the thread, to take out the rod, to install the pla or abs roller, etc....

the roller furniture has as part :

1 structure

1 door

1 locker for the door

1 locker for the large roll

1 large roll

4 stem

4 pin

12 roll spreader rated 750 gr

4 middle roller spreader 750 gr

12 roll spreader rated 1 kg

4 middle roller spacer 1 kg


3D printing settings

easy to print?/5

1 easy /5 difficult

  • 3D model format: STL



j'aime concevoir et partager mes créations, pour tout problème de conception merci de me le signaler en commentaire, je vous en remercie d'avance

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pour voir mais impression 3d a l’œuvre voici mon lieu YouTube Yohan 3D :

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