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London Bus Doubledeck Routemaster desk organizer (Boite à crayon bus anglais)

3D model description

Voici une boite à crayon originale So British en forme de bus anglais à deux étages vintage comme ils existaient dans les années 50/60

This is not a model but just a decorative 'so British' desktop organiser pen and USB key holder
its inspired by the "Routmaster" a vintage doubledeck, like as the bus drive in UK in the 50' to 60' years

The box is composed by the body (in two parts) the box and wheels axes and tires
Elle est composé de la carrosserie en deux parties de la boite coulissante des deux axes et des pneux

3D printing settings

10% fill, top/bottom 6 layers, walls 2 layers
No Raft , 10% support
Tires Raft but no support

(Bus-Bas updated for easiest supports removing and wheels spaces)

Post print : You can glue paper print for 'destination panel' for that, scale the FRONT and BACK .png image for printing as the same size as the bus , print in color with (not too thin) paper, cut the black panels and glue it with ordinary paper glue stick.

  • 3D file format: STL





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