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Lithophane Box

3D model description

A lithophane box that holds 4 lithophanes and a 9 led light in the center.

3D printing settings

Instructions and Requirements Part 1.
The only purchase you will need for this project is a 9 led light and three AAA batteries. You should be able to find both of these at Walmart.

Instructions and Requirements Part 2. Jpeg to Lithophane.
I used this website to convert images into an stl file. Before converting selected images to stl files, make sure that the images are a size of 632x600 pixels. It is very important that the images selected are this size, as the lithophanes will not fit after printing.

When uploading your selected images to, click on the Settings icon on top of the page then on Model Settings and change the Maximum Size (MM) to 150. Next, click on Image Settings. You should then see settings for positive and negative image at the near top of the page. Make sure you have the positive image setting selected. When you are sure that all of your settings are correct, click on the Model icon on top of the page to start converting your image to an stl file.

Instructions and Requirements 3. Printing
Printing the top of the lithophane box requires support material. I printed the lithophanes flat on the print surface, with a speed of 10mm/s with a layer height of .1mm hot end temp of 220 degrees bed temp 45 degrees with 100% infill.

  • 3D file format: STL



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