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Levers for faucet with rounded knobs

3D model description

One of our faucets has rounded knobs that have to be grasped by wrapping one's fist all around them. This is unhygienic: you get germs on the knob when you turn it on and then you when you turn it off, you get the germs back on your hands. And they are too rounded to turn off with an elbow or very comfortably through a sleeve.

Levers are much better, since (a) you can turn it on by pushing on one side and then turn it off by pushing on the other cleaner side or (b) you can turn it off with an elbow, or through a sleeve.

But right now we haven't the time to swap out the faucet. So instead I printed these inserts, which we can regularly run through the dishwasher for hygiene (I printed two pairs). They are very unlikely to fit your faucet, but you may be able to adapt them, or maybe they will just inspire.

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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