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Letter Bowls

3D model description

My wife wanted some bowls of the letters in our daughter's name for a birthday party.

Of course after I made them, she decided that she may want to use them as cupcake stands instead of bowls. They work fine for both purposes. The non-symmetrical letters just need a mirror first.

All 26 letters are in the download.

3D printing settings

My process for making this was pretty simple. I did the design in Alibre (can't bring myself to say Geomagic), but it should be a pretty similar process in most programs

-Pick out a font that looked like it would make a decent bowl for our letters of interest.

-Select a font size where each individual letter can fit on the build platform

-Extrude to 43mm.

-Fillet Sharp corners as desired.

-45 degree chamfer bottom edge if desired.

-Print in vase mode (0% infill, no infill on the top) with 3 shells total at 200micron layer thickness.

I used PLA. Other materials will work just fine, although ABS may see too much warpage with the thin walls.

Note that if you plan on scaling the stl files I have posted, you should scale uniformly so you don't lose the 45 degree chamfer. If you want it shorter, you can slice it with Netfabb or something similar.

I consider these for decorative or packaged food contact only (i.e. candy), but that's really your decision not mine isn't it?

  • 3D file format: STL



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