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LED Holiday Litho-Lantern

3D model description

The LED Holliday Litho-Lantern is a remix of my own LED Skull Lantern:

This version of the lantern allows you to create your own side panels. You can make panels with cutout patterns (similar to the Skull Lanetern), you can use lithophanes for the side panels, or you can mix and them up.

I've included detailed instructions for creating the lithophanes. See the PDF document in the files section. (It's really easy and the software is free, open source.) (And check out the "bonus" section at the end :-)

I've included samples of each style but the point is to create your own!

Lithophanes are printed images created by using the varying thickness of a transparent material (specifically natural white PLA) to create the light and dark areas. When lighted from behind they produce an amazingly detailed image with a cool 3D appearance.

The lantern was designed to use an inverted LED tea light placed in the top. This version has plain oval side openings ( as suggested by inle_rah)

The optional bottom panel can be added if you want to prevent light from shining through the bottom of the lantern (as suggested by robertwallace)

You could also modify the bottom panel to hold a brighter light source such as neopixel rings (as suggested by charleybot).

Note: The Santa image to the best of my knowledge is public domain.

3D printing settings

If you plan on creating lithophanes for the side panels, see the PDF instructions in the files section.

For cutout style side panels the dimensions of your panel should be 53mm wide x 65mm tall x 2mm thick.

Side panels should be printed with translucent white PLA uinsg 100% infill.

The bottom, lid and handle require the use of support structures.

The bottom panel is optional. If used, print it from white material so that it will reflect light back up into the lantern. The bottom panel could also be modified to hold a different light source. The dimensions of the panel are 43mm square by 2mm thick.

The handle is also optional.

If desired the parts can be held in place with a couple drops of glue.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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