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Large & Small LED Lamps

3D model description

These 2 LED lamps use the same basic geometry, but with a few differences. I designed the large one first and had to make an approximations with the geometry because I couldn't quite figure out how to make the hemispherical top fit properly with the twisted slabs that form the side columns. So I made the lamp large to minimize the effective differences.

After it started printing I found a fairly simple way to greatly reduce the mismatch between the top and the columns, so I used that method for the smaller lamp. This method also changed the nature of the top from a simple hemisphere to a more complex polygonal rail sweep shape.

The basis for this geometry came from a posting in the Rhino3d Grasshopper forum where a question was asked about how to create a building using twisted slab sides. Someone answered with a method for designing the twisted slabs and I adapted it for these designs. This blog page explains how I use architectural design concepts for my 3D printer designs:

The large lamp really is pretty big - it printed in 48 1/2 hours with my standard print parameters of 100 mm/sec and 0.200 mm layer height. If you have a printer large enough to print it I'd suggest starting with a full reel if filament. The small lamp is much smaller; it printed in 12 1/2 hours with the same printer settings.

Both lamps accommodate either battery operated or wall powered "puck" LED lights. This blog page has links for all the wall powered parts needed and shows to hot hook everything up: For battery powered puck lights just go to any large home improvement store or simply Google "LED puck light".

  • 3D file format: STL





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