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Keychain Heart Pill Stash Box

3D model description

I got high blood pressure for my 44th birthday. Was at 171/118! So that woke my backside up and started to eat right, exercise and take my medication. So far so good, got everything under control.

Well the other day I forgot to take my blood pressure medication, already left the house and half-way to work. Had to make a U-turn on my motorcycle and head back to the house. Then back towards work. All while it's 31F outside, wasn't amused with myself.

Figured it'd be wise if I kept a pill on my keys for the next middle-aged man memory lapse if I forget it again.

Wanted it tiny so it wouldn't clog up my keychain.

This specifically fits one, 20mg Lisonopril tablet. 8mm in diameter. Might fit a number of different pills. Threw the hearts on there so in the event of being pulled over it'll add to my plea when asked "Son, what's these DRUGS DOING IN MY COUNTY BOY?!"

Print without supports, 0.12mm layer height.

  • 3D file format: STL





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