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Irish Pot of Gold

3D model description

This small pot is a handy little storage container that is also decorative and shows off the potential of 3D printing because it has two built-in moving (rotating) handles in the single print.

The pot is small at approx. 57.5mm diameter with a 30mm top opening. Ideal for storing your gold coins and/or all sorts of other small things like rings, chains, stationery items, nuts/bolts/screws/parts and lots more... a great little gift for anyone of Irish descent.

Two versions (.stl's) have been provided. The 'sr' version has a Shamrock added to make it suitable for use as an 'Irish Pot of Gold' during (and after) St. Patricks Day celebrations. The plain version is identical other than not having the Shamrock feature. Print in your choice of color. Scaling down is not recommended. Scaling up is possible but not to a great extent otherwise the designed in support clearances will become too great so the support will not function as necessary.

Easy print on a well set up machine with a precise slicing app. This is important as lesser slicing apps or less accurate machines may have issues with printing the designed in supports and handles.

Do not use automated support. A very small amount of support has been designed in under each handle to help them build well.

The images provided show great results. There is a very small amount of designed in support that should break away almost by hand if well sliced and printed. This should leave the handles free to turn.

Please refer to the images and print settings / instructions for additional information... and post images of your prints for other members to see!

Note: If you like this design check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.

  • 3D file format: STL





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