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Infinite Strawberry - easily customisable generative lampshade

3D model description

See how easy it is to customise

The design inspiration was strawberries.

A single component lampshade designed for manufacture using 3D printing - there is no need for support material or structures.

See the video on how to easily create your own custom Infinite Strawberry lampshades using the template/source .blend file. All you need to do is move few sliders. Get Blender to open the .blend file and create your own designs - Blender is free.

Please use the light bulb as a visual reference for the dimensions. If you would like an on-screen rulers as in please let me know.

3D printing settings

Please keep all the features below the self-support angle (usually below 45° for the FDM 3D printers). The lampshade will print upside down. Please add some Brim when printing using the FDM 3D printers.

Before exporting the STL file please select 'Detail' in the model tree.

When exporting the STL file please:
select '-Z Up'
tick 'Selection Only'
set the scale to '10'
tick 'Apply Modifiers'

  • 3D model format: ZIP



The complete models are available to download for free now.

I'm a product designer/engineer who's slowly and steadily getting grips on bringing my passion for problem solving by design out of my thoughts into reality.



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