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Download free 3D printer model iMacerslide, BalkhgarDownload free 3D printer model iMacerslide, Balkhgar

3D model description

Introducing iMacerslide. I needed to move my iMac to the back of the desk in order to free up some desk space. So I decided to use Makerslide to create my desk stand. Very simple design. Nothing complicated here.

The file "iMac Stand Front" is a cover for the front of the 3/4 inch plywood. I used this part as a way to level the stand. Then I covered it with a piece of angled aluminum and added a brushed finish.

3D printing settings

Cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to suit your desk.

Cut a piece of a Makerslide extrusion to suit your piece of plywood.

Using a laser cutter, cut the two pieces in the file iMac Bezel Outline.

Print the file "Makerslide" (end stops) x 2

Add end stops to Makerslide

Attach the Makerslide to the piece of wood.

Add a Makerslide carriage to the Makerslide.

Attach the carriage to the iMac Bezel using bolts or machine screws.

Cover your screws with a piece of felt as to not scratch your iMac.

Print the "iMac Stand Front" if needed and attach the Aluminum angle iron to the printed part using glue or epoxy.

Place your iMac on the Stand and slide it to and fro

  • 3D file format: STL





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