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IKEA SKADIS Universal Hook Set

3D model description

IKEA SKADIS Universal Hook Set

easy to print
tight fit
no wobbling
no glueing
One Hook -> many Options!

Skadis_Universal Cable big
Skadis_Universal Cable small
Skadis_Universal File x6
Skadis_Universal Fork 15_30mm
Skadis_Universal Fork 20_30mm
Skadis_Universal Fork 25_30mm
Skadis_Universal Fork 45_30mm
Skadis_Universal Holder 1
Skadis_Universal Holder 2
Skadis_Universal Hook
Skadis_Universal R15mm
Skadis_Universal R20mm (updated 08.04.2018)
Skadis_Universal R25mm (updated 08.04.2018)
Skadis_Universal R45mm (updated 08.04.2018)
Skadis_Universal R20 x5
Skadis_Universal Wera x6

Cheers, CSD

  • 3D model format: STL



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