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HP Instants Calendar

3D model description

Whether it's a journey, a birthday party or an old friend, everything is contained in our mind. The memory is always the best way to remember something. But sometimes can be useful having an object that can hold a happy moment.
In the era where the photos are only digital I find fascinating, almost romantic, pick up a photo to remember and not scroll on our smartphone or PC. I always found sad the expedient of the album or single framed photo. Having so many photos closed between sheets of paper, taking dust somewhere, or choose one to be framed.
Why not have them all available? why not have a calendar of memories, where day after day we can add a memory, an emotion. This is also a bit of the HP Sprocket's philosophy, the opportunity of printing the happy moment immediately, and then go home and add another memory to our photo calendar.

I chose the calendar as a concept and I reversed the idea of it.
Our days should not be just a toll of times and dates, but a succession of moments, colors, people caught by the shot of a photo, to be able to write our story day after day. So through this simple photos we can tell who we were, who we are and who we will be.

The height of the structure is built according to the size of the snapshots, both of the Sprocket Plus Printer and of the Sprocket Photo Printer. Obviously everything is designed for horizontal and vertical photos. The structure was designed in double coloration as seen from the images. There is also the possibility to use wooden rods with a diameter of 6 mm in place of the 3D printing rods
The file is designed for HP Jet Fusion but is also optimized for FDM printers.


  • 3D file format: STL





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