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Hob Knob

3D model description

A parametric hob, stove, oven, grill, range, volume, potentiometer or rotary encoder knob to fit any rotary actuator with D shape shafts.

Size, inside clearance, plunge depth, shaft diameter and most importantly pointer offset angle can all be adjusted to give you perfect satisfaction.

Apparently cooker knobs are the "killer app" of 3D printing (acording to wizard23): and as I needed a couple of different sized knobs for missing pieces in rental accomodation, fully parametric was the only way to go!

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3D printing settings

Measure your intallation point. You need to know:

  • the required height of the knob from the surface,
  • the outer diameter of the knob,
  • the inner clearance diameters of any seals that it needs to clear up and over,
  • the diameter and cross-D distance of the shaft (printing clearance is added),
  • the visible height of the shaft,
  • any plunge depth in the centre where the knob center should drop below the facia.

You should also choose:

  • the number of sides to the knob ­— I've gone for a low-poly style 9-sided design, but 250 sided will give you a very circular knob,
  • the wall thickness of the knob — 3mm is quite sturdy for a 36mm knob. ,
  • the size of any chamfer on the top.
  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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