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Growing Shelf

3D model description


Need a full color shelf that can be adapted to any space and make it grow until it fills the entire room?
Is your printed bored with nothing to do??
This one may be useful for you!

This is a set of pieces that you can join and make any figure you can imagine.
I'm using it for making nice shelves to store figurines, small stuff (or not so small) and has the posibility to add more parts in order to make the shelves 'grows'.

The concept it's simple and is inspired by Edge Wang Tiles and the bitmasking technique used in terrain/dungeon making in lots of games. See what are i'm talking about here :

You can combine different sizes to make nicer modules and also have more flexibility building big ones.

How it works:

Print a bunch of pieces.
Look for a nice combination
Use pins and glue it to have a strong module
Combine modules
Fix or hook in a wall, put in your desktop or do whatelse you want.
Fill with stuff
Goto 1
The files:

I've include the STL's with the 40x40 mms parts and the pins used for Thingview.
Also included ZIP files with the sets of pieces for 40x80,80x40, 80x80,120x40 and 160x40 parts.
Also there's a file with an array of 9 pins. You'll need lots of pins.

About the customizer
If you need a set of parts not included in STL's use the customizer and adapt the sizes of pieces as you needs.

In customizer you set the size of main grid (40mms by default) and the thickness of parts (10 mms default). Then you can generate the parts multipliying grid size by 1 to 4 times.

Important The pins are not enough to make a strong structure. For a strong fix, use pins and apply glue in pins and edge of wallsparts. I'm using instant glue and works really well.

You can use double-sided tape or some hooks or racks to fix the self in walls.

More info...
The pins are 10mm x 5mm. But i'm printing a bit smallers (9 x 4.75). There's no need a perfect fit since i used glue in pins for a good and strong join of parts.

And last...
I'm testing more pieces and parts that can be useful for different designs or funcionallity. Eventually i'll upload some kind of 'expansion pack' with parts compatible with this one.

Hope you find it useful.

Happy printing and have fun!!

3D printing settings


BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos









Tested with PLA

0.3 resolution it's ok.

Use a low infill and save plastic. 5% or 10% it's ok

No supports needed

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



Hi all! , I'm Fernando Jerez, computer science teacher, amateur designer and electronics noob.
Love procedural/generative stuff, robots, and all kind of 3D printable stuff.
Hope you enjoy my designs.

Contact me by private message: @ferjerez3d (Instagram,Twitter)



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