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Google Mini Vase Holder

3D model description

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PUTTING WATER IN THIS WITH REAL FLOWERS!! I would not trust it myself for a long period of time with PLA!

So I decided to try and remix this as I needed a ton of support to keep the center cone from falling apart - maybe just my printer, dunno. So here it is. It is a work in progress but figured I would share it awhile and maybe someone can figure out the supports or how to remove the honeycomb....

I cut a hole in the back so the mini can be placed with the cord coming out below the honeycomb. I know the honeycomb was there to use as the front but i actually like it better with being able to see the mini...personal preference.

I redid the cone on the inside to help with not needing supports and it worked pretty darn well. I printed the one in the pictures with no supports. It is VERY ugly inside with that patch thing I did for the cone lol - yea I am really a noob!

i have included a taller version that I DID NOT PRINT YET so you are on your own if you try it. I wanted it to be a bit taller to handle bigger flower heads with longer stems.

Things I would like to do...

DONE - USE TREE SUPPORTS IN CURA 1. I need to add manual supports to the front hole and the rear one. No idea how yet.
2. Remove the honeycomb and make it a different design for airflow or eliminate all together. no idea on this either.
DONE - SEEMS FINE TO ME WITH A MINI IN IT 3. test the taller version for stability - probably after figuring out the supports

leaning towards not bothering with the ones below

  1. Might make the base a bit deeper to hold the entire mini inside but this would probably be last on the list and not a big deal.
  2. Instead of one big hole make it 2 smaller holes for the cord and mic switch. I think that is it really. Supports are the biggest things to get the holes to print correctly. The inside little droop is no big deal to me as you cant see it anyway.

I printed this fast and ugly as a prototype so it should look a lot better at .2 or better resolution. I used .32 and left speed at 80 :) I may have used 25% infill, cant remember but the infill should not even matter for this as it is not a solid object.

If anyone can do any of the items in the list above that would be awesome! It may take me a while to figure out the support stuff.

Thanx to mofadesign for the original! Guess it would have been easier if I asked for the original files but oh well, live and learn!

UPDATE: Added a pic of the taller version and used TREE SUPPORT in Cura to get a good support structure without needing to manually add one. In Cura search for TREE and then select it (its under experimental)


Tree Support Branch Angle - 40
Tree Support Branch Distance - 1
Tree Support Branch Diameter - 2
Tree Support Branch Diameter Angle - 5
Tree Support Collision Resolution - 0.2
Tree Support Wall Thickness - 0.4
Tree Support Wall Line Count - 1

Taller version seems stable with a mini in it but the wife doesn't have any fake flowers right now to test it (or real ones for that matter lol)

Main thing left for me is the honeycomb - Still looking for advice on how to remove that and either make it solid or make it a different pattern.

  • 3D file format: STL





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