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gMax Twisted Ripple Vase Bin

3D model description

We designed this unique ripple vase with a twist. It's perfect as a refuse bin or other container and it looks extra fancy with glossy filament. It's also can be scaled to fit the desired size thanks to the high quality model.

The model is solid and it was designed to be printed in "spiral vase" or "spiralize contour" mode with a large nozzle size (0.8mm to 1.2mm). Make sure you turn off top layers as well or the print will not be hollow.

We scaled the original model by 400% and printed it on the gMax 2 printer for a true #gMaxSize experience. The final bin is 18" tall and printed in 16 hours.

For information on the gmax 2 please visit

3D printing settings

Spiral vase mode.
No Infill
No top layers.
Large nozzle (we used 1.2mm)

  • 3D file format: STL



gCreate LLC is a Brooklyn, NY based 3D printing company that specializes in making its flagship product, the gMax Printer.



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