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Elephant with Circus Ball Lamp

3D model description

Elephant with Circus Ball Lamp. The ball and elephant are printed separate. The elephant has two small pegs on the end of his trunk that fit into two small holes in the ball. There are also larger matching holes on the trunk and the ball where the wires go. On the bottom is another peg that can be used to anchor the wires. The ball should be stable, but so long as the wires are a little tight they will help keep it in place.

I added a cap for the ball. It has 4 pegs to keep it in place. You may need to play with it a bit to find the best fit. It is a small piece so be careful when removing the supports. The cap is a small piece and may be a CHOKING HAZARD so please DO NOT LET SMALL CHILDREN HAVE ACCESS TO THE CAP!!!

**This creation has been edited from the original.

For the light I used a red LED purchased here:

They are 12v lights, but in the pictures above I have it connected to a 9v battery.

You can use this as a power adapter for the LEDs:

You can fit two LEDs in the ball and use a three terminal switch such as this one to switch between the two color LEDs. A diagram for how to wire a three terminal switch is in the pictures above.

  • 3D file format: OBJ and STL





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