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Electric Cooking Whisk

3D model description

The reason that I choose to redesign a traditional cooking whisk it was that I saw quite a few good improvements that could be made to make the initial idea of an electric whisk even better. I set to out to achieve a more user friendly product that made using the whisk more comfortable for the user, so that the task of using a whisk becomes pleasure rather than a chore.

The third aim was that I thought the power on the electric whisk could be improved, my idea was that instead of using two whisk blades which are used on the existing product I would use three blades. By having three blades it would speed up the time that you would be spending mixing the food.

The electronics of the whisk, I incorporated of a cheap corderless drill. The circuit consist of a motor, lithium battery, charging port, switch and LED lights. The LEDs are indicators to show you when the switch is on or off. The best shell thickness that I found to use was 1.6 mm making it still structurally sound and light weight. Setting your 3D printer speed to 50 mm per second should work well. The middle gear needs to have hex drive inside it, so the motor can turn the gears around. I added a general purpose grease on the gears to prevent a build up of friction that could possibly break the gears if the grease isn't applied. I added some ball race bearings on the gears to prevent to reduce any friction.

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3D printing settings

Designed on a CAD software and 3D printed.

  • 3D model format: STL





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