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Egg holder (extensible and customizable)

3D model description

I have been looking for an egg holder that meets all the following requirements:
- can hold at least 10 eggs,
- fits into a refrigerator door compartment (-> not deeper than 100mm),
- keep the eggs stable and safe when removing the entire holder from the refrigerator and
- can be produced with a standard heatbed (200x200mm).

Because I didn't find such a model, I designed it myself.

A single holder measures 50x100mm and holds two eggs.
Several holders can be connected together in a very stable way.

The printing time for a single holder (two eggs) is almost exactly one hour, 16g filament are needed (@my printer/configuration).
Up to four holders can be easily positioned on a 200x200mm heatbed and thus printed in a single job.

The eggs must have a maximum diameter of at least 35mm in order not to slip through the holder.
If necessary, the parameters can be adjusted in the Customizer.

To remove a single egg, lift it from the bottom with a finger.

BTW: For a secure stand, at least two holders should be connected to each other.

  • 3D file format: STL





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