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E-Z Tear - Cling Film Tearing Tool

3D model description

Most household use cling film... and waste a lot in the process. Although this is not a big thing E-Z Tear is a really simple practical solution that will reduce cling film consumption and make using it more "EZ"... cling film manufacturers will not like this simple little money saving tool!

The issues E-Z Tear addresses are:

(1) The tear strips on cling film boxes get damaged so no longer tear well... with an E-Z tear available you can use it instead.

(2) If you are using a cling film refill but don't have a box with a tear strip use E-Z tear to tear off cling film as required. It works much better than scissors or trying to rip it off with no tearing surface.

(3) The tearing strip on cling film boxes means you have to tear off full width strips. That means significant waste when you only need a small piece to cover a small container. It's easy to end up using 3 times the amount you need. E-Z Tear lets you tear out small pices to suit.

E-Z Tear is a simple easy to use tool. However, there are a couple of points to be aware that will make sure it works effectively for you:

  • Always use the E-Z Tear on a flat surface-

  • Place the E-Z Tear over the cling film and hold it down firmly against the cling film (on the flat surface)

  • Always use short sharp tears in an upward and sideways movement against the teeth on the E-Z Tear. This will help ensure a good clean tear.

  • Tear across the roll to the width required then turn the E-Z Tear 90 degrees and tear again to remove the piece of cling film. It's "E-Z".

  • Not holding the E-Z Tear down firmly enough or a too slow movement in the wrong direction will result in stretched cling film... not torn cling film.

Every home that uses cling film should have one of these handy little helpers ready for use as/when required. It's a small and extremely "EZ" print that will recover more than its filament cost in next to no time.

Please refer to the images and print settings for more information.

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  • 3D file format: STL





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