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Dragon Fly Lamp

3D model description

USB Lamp with adjustable neck
This lamp requires assembly
File contains :
(1) lamp base
(1) threaded base cap
(1) Tinkerplay TaperedTail_SegmentB module
(2)Tinkerplay BugWing_Med-Single modules
(3) Tinkerplay SkeletonDoubleBoneArm modules
(1) Tinkerplay Adapter_BallToSocket module
(1) lamp shade
All parts print without support
Parts snap together with ball and socket joints
Tinkerplay is a free app
The Tinkerplay app contains many other parts that are suitable for use in the lamp
Export Tinkerplay parts at 100% size
White USB Lamp Kit is required from Kitronik for the electronic components
Product code : 2132
Use coins inside the lamp for weight
Lamp base can house an optional four AA batteries for an alternate power supply
Note: the threaded base cap has reverse threads
Screw counter-clockwise to screw on
Screw clockwise to screw off
Lubricate threads with hand soap for smooth operation
View an interactive model :

3D printing settings

Lamp base is 75mm in diameter
Total lamp stands about 250mm tall
Lamp requires a Kitronic electronic kit for operation
Many alternate lamp parts are available in the Tinkerplay app
Recommend to print pieces as single prints
Multiple colored lamps are possible
Lamp base takes 2.5 hours to print

  • 3D file format: STL



American architect in Sydney working on designs for a solar-powered, sustainable planet

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