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Desktop lamp

3D model description


Having some LED stripes not in use, and being that two of my children needed lamps for their desks, I expended some time crating this first version of a desktop lamp. ( I finished the black one, but some pictures show I am building a white one as well)

I also had some metalic circular weights, so the casing fits exactly them, but as weight I imagine you can use any other material that fits inside the cavity.

I used a piece of 1 cm x 1cm x 35cm iron squared tube, painted, and the transformers are LP-16-350 that I had in a box, unused.

So as you can see, this is more a material recycle program, that I publish as maybe you want to build your own.

In some pictures can be seen how to connect the led stripes in the lamp cavity.
Thanks for watching!

  • 3D file format: STL



In these few days exploring 3d printing, I found a perfect oportunity for improving my autocad skills and learn to consider in depth general design issues. My feeling is that 3d printing will improve the way humans develop things. We are experiencing just the begining!



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