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Desk organizer

3D model description

This an organizer for young kids or working adults. This organizer comes with a secret storage compartment on the bottom (use the long and thing cover and put in the rectangular hole). The main drawer is in the front. There is a secondary storage box in the back (use flat plate with knob to cover).

There are 3 big hollowed rectangles in the front.
Bottom: 4x6 index cards
Middle: 3x5 index cards
Top: 3x3 post-it notes

The top of the organizer has a place to store 4 flash drives. In front of that, there is a name tag mount. You can 3D print letters and glue it on to the name plate or simply use a sharpie. next there are five mini places to hold pens, pencils or markers. All the way to the right, there are three big storages containers to hold more pens, pencils, markers or other office/desk supplies.

NOTE: There are built in supports in the rectangles. You still have to print supports. When your print is done, get rid of all supports.

  • 3D file format: STL





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