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Cylinder Vase, Cup, and Bracelet Generator

3D model description

Let your imagination run wild stacking cylinders. With essentially an infinite number of choices in the customizer you can be assured no one will have an object just like your's. By changing the dimensions you can make planters, trays, bud vases, pencil holders, bracelets, or drinking glasses. The simpler smaller objects make good demonstration pieces and will print quite quickly.

3D printing settings

Run the customizer and choose your parameters and export the STL. Be careful to avoid large overhangs. It is quite possible to use the customizer to create something unprintable. When slicing specify no fill and no top layers for a vase. For a bracelet, specify no fill and no top or bottom layers. You can often get away with only one perimeter, but if you want a better chance at water tightness or a stronger piece, add more perimeters. Once you print it, be sure to upload a photo. I'm curious to see what people end up with. I have several other vase customizers with variations on this theme. Check out the "Derived from" to see the other versions.

Note, Slic3r complains about the twist model, but it prints fine anyway. Slic3r missed some surfaces of the stacked model, but it ended up making a nice basket weave pattern so it still looks nice.

  • 3D file format: STL





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