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Customizable name keychain

3D model description

This is a customizable keychain generator. The keychain is made out of a word. If the word has a letter with a nice hole, you can omit the ring for the keyring

Note the licensing on the Hershey library in the source code, which isn't fully compatible with Creative Commons -- but the restrictions are very, very slight. And it's not clear that font coordinates are copyrightable (in the US at least; but I am not a lawyer).

August 23, 2017: added rounded top option
August 19, 2017: smart ring and letter spacing (turn off smart overlap for legacy letter spacing); works much better with combinations like "Ta"
August 15, 2017: fixed "NAME" bug (again!)
August 14, 2017: customizable ring vertical position

  • 3D file format: STL





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