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Customizable Bayonet Container

3D model description

Customizable cylindrical containers with lids that twist on. Use the customizer to generate base, lid, and optional separator parts for multi-chamber containers. Multiple styles are available.

Several example stl files are included.

3D printing settings

To make a container, you'll want to make a base and lid part, and maybe some separators for multi-chamber containers. Most of the parameters should be fairly straightforward and are described below. Sizes are specified for the interior of the container, to make it easier to design the container to fit specific objects. The "part gap" may take some testing to get right for your printer, it adjusts how tightly the lid and base fit. With my printer, printing the parts one at a time gives more consistent results when trying to fine-tune the part gap parameter.

Configurable Parameters:

part - Type of part to make, base, separator, or lid. The separator is for multiple-chamber containers (you may want to build the container upside down, with the lid on bottom when using separators).

inside diameter - Minimum diameter of the inside of the container in mm (container will be larger)

interior height - Amount of height this part adds to the overall interior space of the container in mm (exterior dimensions will be larger).

style - Style of the container: round (straight cylindrical sides), round thin (same as round, but with interior cutouts to make the walls thinner), tapered (thinner at top or bottom), polygon (flat sides, helps with grip), crown (blended between round and polygon), and flipped crown (same as crown, but upside down)

number of sides - Number of sides for the polygon and crown styles.

minimum wall thickness - Thickness to use for the thinnest vertical wall sections.

top bottom thickness - Thickness used for the bottom of the base and the top of the lid.

lip height - Height of the container lip with the bayonet threads. Values of around 2-3mm seem to work well.

bayonet depth - depth of the bayonet thread used to hold the parts together. Larger containers may need larger values, but values around 0.5mm seem to work well for small to medium containers.

part gap - This is the amount of space between the bayonet threads. Use this to adjust how tightly the parts fit (smaller value results in a tighter fit). It may take some trial and error to fine tune this parameter for your printer.

support material should only be needed on the optional separator pieces.

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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