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Covid-19 Mask Remix (Easy-to-print, no support, filter required)

3D model description

I took the liberty of modifying the mask from lafactoria3d. By joining the two parts together. this reduces printing time and can print more and faster.

After the introduction of my two-piece mask, the cover fell on me. The front part I incorporated into the mask a lot of people used to change the filter. Which made them impossible. Fortunately, this is not true. I personally change the filter through the inner grille. Which I printed in 95% size. Subsequently, the replacement is very easy. I put filters in the mask. And I put a piece of fabric in front of the grid. Which will then help me remove the grid during the next replacement.

In my files, the grid is already reduced to 95% so you don't have to shrink it.

IMPORTANT: I ​​will be very happy if you give me your photos here.

  • 3D file format: STL



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esta pensada para filtros N95? saludos

what kind of filters have you used? regards.

Yo he creado 3 de este modelo y las piezas internas las dejé fijas ya que entraron un poco a presión ,cambio los filtros abriendo por la parte delantera