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Chinese wall lamp

3D model description

Printed chinese wall lamp with LEDs. Inspired with redwood wall lamp from Aliexpress (original size is 32 x 22 x 11 cm).
Lamp shade is printable, too.
There are added four front exchangeable ornaments - one by original, jing-jang symbol, dragon and chinese inscription "happy home" (possibly :-)).
Available are two (three) variants of base plate - from one piece and divided to three parts (for printing lamp in bigger size) - central part has two variants, normal full board and lightweight plate - I printed only one piece type.
Connecting surfaces is prepared without spaces - they must be abraded with file - if you will be precise, lamp (from PLA) will be stick without glue. Shade parts (plastic paper) you can cut off with scissors, if will be needed.
I tried use white lamp shade (white PLA), red lamp shade (red PLA) and painted lamp shade (white PLA painted from inner side with water colors). You can try any pattern or lithophane image, too. Or you can try using some partialy transparent color material for print.

3D printing settings

Supports: Yes
Resolution: frame 0,2, shade 0,1
Infill: 25%
Printed from PLA (black, white, red) in 40% of original size. The frame may be better dark brown (I haven't it at home).
Arcs must be printed with support - but just a little, otherwise it will be difficult to remove it from the groove (I had problem with it).

Visible frame of base, arcs and ornamets has treated surface after print.
They are sanded with sandpaper (80,180,320-water) and polished with textile.
Light is 5cm long self-adhesive LEDs strip (3 LEDs, using 12V). Ideal for my size of lamp, original size will need probably any more powerful light on 220V.
None off switch - may be added on cable.

  • 3D file format: STL





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