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'Card Stacker'... stacks your greeting cards!

3D model description

Receiving lots of greeting cards at Christmas or for birthdays is great but they either take up a lot of space on a bench (and you can only see the front ones) or you have to go to the trouble of stringing them up... the 'Card Stacker' provides a quick and easy alternative way to display your cards.

Just print out a set of 'Card Stackers' and stack them up... going 'high rise' saves space and lets you see more cards more easily.

Each 'Card Stacker' has very thin walls so they are a lightweight print that uses very little filament. They should work with almost all greeting cards. Most 3D printers that print fine features accurately will print these well... but refer to the instructions for print details.

The most important usage tips are:

Always use a base 'Card Stacker' as this provides a solid platform... as cards can curl.

Make sure your stack stays straight... refer to the images to see how to adjust your 'Card Stackers'. They can be moved to help ensure the stack goes straight up so it is stable and won't easily topple over. Done right you can readily stack 4, 5 or even 6 tall. 3 is easy...

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  • 3D file format: STL





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