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timetable and its resolutions

3D model description

to achieve its New Year's resolutions, it is necessary to set objectives to be met but to achieve them

  • lose weight;

  • cycle

  • read....

We must give ourselves the opportunity to achieve them.

That's why I made this calendar.

To hang it in the center of the house and not forget them and of course display its results at the end of the day, week or month.....

In my case, we'll do it as a family

that's why I made a "playmobil" token and another "video game", (at my daughter's request).

I added a small base that can hold 5 tokens, and avoided losing the tokens.

1 objectives per day = D and D (day)

1 or more objectives per week = S and W (week)

1 or more objectives per month = M and M (month)


a token measures 2.2 cm by 2.5 cm and 2.5 mm thick

printing time 3 min

the calendar measures 19.5 cm by 20.6 cm and 7 cm thick

printing time 6 h 53 min

token base (5 pieces) measures 5.3 cm by 3.4 cm and 3.9 cm thick printing time 1 h 13 min

3D printing settings

Fill rate 20% 20%.

80% printing speed

215 ° PLA printing temperature

60 ° plateau temperature

0.25 layer thickness

1.2 hull thickness

1.2 thickness above/below

for the calendars

Little support

100% filling rate

20% printing speed

0.15 layer thickness

for tokens (no support)

  • 3D file format: STL



je modélise depuis janvier 2017, c'est devenu ma passion...
la créativité c'est l'art d'accomplir ces rêves
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