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illuminated halloween frame

3D model description

For this project, or this "Halloween" challenge, I had the idea to make an illuminated painting

You have a frame or you can integrate leds at the back of it (two holes were made for a better integration)

You have the possibility to put them on each side, I chose to put them at the top and bottom of the board

You also have the possibility to change the painting, your own creation for example... but don't worry, I intend to create tons of them... of the same size so that you can integrate them into the frame

I chose my leds with switches, easier to turn them on and off as I wish

I hope you will enjoy it.

1 - Print the frame and board in the colors of your choice and buy LEDs with or without switches ( LED bar Lights 15 cm) smaller than mine

2 - insert the led into the hole made for this purpose

3 - position the LED at your convenience (top, bottom side...)

4 - insert the 2nd leds and position it in the desired position

5 - hide the wires in the compartment you can glue them with coloured tape or simply glue

6 - the frame is finally ready to be installed ( or hung on a wall)

7- you can drag the board inside the frame 8.9.10- turn on the power and admire your work

perfect interior decoration to decorate a bedroom, a living room, a corridor.....


The frame measures 17.6 cm by 17.8 cm and is 2 cm thick

printing time 7 h 35 min with support

The "witch" table measures 15.5 cm by 15.2 cm and 3.5 mm thick printing time 8 h 13 min

On the picture I printed the color filament "black alumina" on the color filament "gold" (with my cr10, after several layers, changed the filament, when "the devil" appears to put black color and restarted)

otherwise all you have to do is paint.

With the CR10

when you see that the "Halloween" appear during printing make "tune" then "change filament" put the desired color then restart by pressing the button.

3D printing settings

Fill rate 30% 30%.

80% print speed not too fast for better rendering

215 ° PLA printing temperature

60 ° plateau temperature

0.15 layer thickness

1.2 hull thickness

1.2 thickness above/below


  • 3D file format: STL



je modélise depuis janvier 2017, c'est devenu ma passion...
la créativité c'est l'art d'accomplir ces rêves
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