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Cable Management - Wire Holder - Cord Clips & Anchors

3D model description

This cable holder has 8 slots to hold one one or more cables per slot. This is to organize your desk cables like usb cables, power cables, chargers, etc.

It can work either mounted horizontal on top of the desk or vertical, mounted on the wall.

There is just enough give between the slot walls to get the cables in. Once in the slot, the cables have space to move freely.

The design is heavily inspired by a commercial cable holder by Quirky (Quirky Cordies Desktop Cord Clips & Anchor). I wanted something which held more wires than the Quirky and could be mounted on the wall instead of just on top of the desk.

Revision 2:
I created this version to accommodate two sizes of wires. The two outside slots now hold your small/thin wires like phone chargers and the four inner slots hold thicker wires like power cords. Also, the base has been modified slightly for a cleaner look. One upload has built in screw holes and another has no screw holes.

I am also including the design file, the original being from Fusion360 with all history. A .STEP file included for those who use other programs (will not have history).

  • 3D file format: STL



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