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Buzzsaw Vases

3D model description

Was playing with another lofting profile in C4D, the twisted star. Looks like a saw blade to me.

All printed in Taulman 618 nylon and dyed different colors. I printed all the larger vessels on a 1/4" piece of poplar wood as the build surface heated to 60 degrees. Perfect adhesion and easy release. Wood is good!

The little one was printed on our Sailfish-running Thing-o-Matic in the new 1.75mm Taulman 618. I have a spring-loaded idler on an MK7 and had no problems at all with accelerated printing at 60mm/sec. Printed on masking tape and it stuck fine, though I do recommend wood for larger prints. As usual, Sailfish just rocks and the print is absolutely beautiful, hence all the close ups.

3D printing settings

Print with zero infill and as many perimeters as you want. No top layers. I just stopped the Thing-o-Matic print at the end before it could start bridging.

  • 3D file format: STL





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