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Brabantia Touch Bin G 25l - Lid Repair/Upgrade to replaceable pin

3D model description

Non replaceable pin was broken.

Cut out the remainder of the pin and a slot.
Printed Brabantia_Bin_Size_G_Striking_Pin.stl from ...
But I did not want to glue it down.

Ended up making a pin retainer block that is held in place by two small screws and an adapted REPLACEABLE pin.

there is also an STL where the block and the pin are one piece, but this is untested.

Remember: thermal forming is your friend.

Pay attention to printing orientation. Make sure the layers run the length of the pin and not across it.

  • 3D file format: SKP and STL



I always loved making, braking, fixing, mending and abusing things. Especially the latter: making what I need by using things that were not intended for that purpose. A 3D printer is one of the nicest tools I ever owned: you figure out what you need, you find something that sort of works and then make the parts to bridge the gap. Custom parts for whatever purpose at barely any cost at all; maker heaven.



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