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Bird Cage Door Hooks - Hook open Bird Cage Doors for ease of access

3D model description

These little Bird Cage Door Hooks make hold the doors in regular bird cages open for ease of access when feeding, changing the water, rearranging the cage or so your birds can come in/out at will.

These clips should work with most bird cages. Just clip them onto the cages wire framing in the mid point above a door. When you lift the door up swing the hook underneath it and lower the door into the hook to keep it open. Very quick and easy.... refer to images for additional information.

Please refer to the instructions for printing details to ensure you print them strong enough as they need to be springy to clip over the wire frame. Once installed the clips should rotate freely on the cage wire frame but require some pressure to clip over the wire during installation (i.e they are designed to splay open and spring back during installation so they will swing freely but not come off). .

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3D printing settings

These clips are very small so will print in just a few minutes. I recommend printing several at a time as most cages have several doors.

On a Replicator 2 this prints well with Raft, 0.20mm / Std. resolution, 2 shells and 100% infill... yes "100%" so they are solid and springy when clipped over the cage wire.

Note: You still need to specify a number of shells so the machine creates the outline first.

  • 3D file format: STL





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