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Bicycle Trouser Clips - Stops your Jeans/Trousers getting caught in the chain.

3D model description

Easy to print Trouser Clip to keep your jeans/trousers from being caught in your bike chain. This should suit most people at standard size (65mm W x 80mm L) but can be scaled to suit

A well printed Trouser Clip should be strong but flexible so easy to put on and take off frequently without deterioration.

To be strong print it with at least 4 shells and 65% plus infill. Refer to instructions.

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3D printing settings

Use Raft / Std resolution 0.20mm / Min. 4 shells / 60% infill. If you can edit your print profile to "Linear" infill this will also help ensure the result is strong and flexible.

  • 3D model format: STL





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