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Bathroom light fixture, wall mount

3D model description

I designed and 3D printed this for my bathroom.

You will need:
2 - White Porcelain Socket:
(You won't need the metal thing that connects to a pipe screw)
2 - LED Light bulb (40W or 60W) - this is the one I used:
DO NOT use old style filament light bulbs as they get very hot and probably melt the 3D printed plastic
4 - Plastic wall plugs with screws
2 - Push-in wire connectors
Also Super Glue to glue the cover pieces

The base cover needs to printed with support, the rest of the parts don't need support.
You will need to use an exacto knife to trim excess plastic to make the parts fit properly.

The green parts I 3D printed with glow in the dark plastic.

Please get help from an electrician to install this for you, if you are not absolutely sure on how to do it !!!
Please use a non-contact voltage tester to make sure you don't have power in the wires when you install it:
I did not have 2 colored wires, but I used a red tape to mark the "hot wire"; this wire goes to the center of the socket. Like here: (image from:

  • 3D model format: STL





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