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Banana Stand - A unique, fun and expandable way to store Bananas!

3D model description

This provides a unique way to store your Bananas. Usually Bananas are placed on their side in a fruit bowl... they take up quite a lot of space and tend to get bruised through other things being moved around them or placed on top of them prior to being eaten. This is the solution... Bananas are securely stored standing upright as they are retained in a 'Banana shaped' cavity in the base and back of the stand.

Many people believe separating Bananas from the bunch slows ripening. With this stand you need to separate them before placing them into their individual stand.

Each stand takes one Banana... but stands can be linked together using the pins provided as part of the print. The pins should be an easy press fit into the holes designed in.

Just print the number of stands to suit the number of Bananas you commonly need to store and link then stands together. By standing the Bananas upright you can store them along walls etc. where you ordinarily wouldn't store them... and, as they are standing upright, the number remaining is clearly visible so you always know if you need more!

The 'Banana Stand' is a practical space saving way of storing Bananas as well as being unique and fun.

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3D printing settings

Print with Raft / 0.20mm Std. Resolution / 3 shells / 15% or more infill but no support required. On a Replicator 2 the pins are an easy press fit together so securely link the stands together... just print as many as you think you need to get your Bananas lined neatly up in a row!

  • 3D file format: STL





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