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Balloon Pump Attachement

3D model description

Need to inflate twisting balloons to twist into Dogs, Cats, and Giraffes? Don't have a special pump? No problem. Screw this attachment onto a common bicycle pump and inflate.

3D printing settings

1) Print
2) Sand burs as needed, the conical portion needs to be fairly smooth. Always sand it circumferentially and never axially so it seals well.
3) Screw or otherwise insert into pump. There are no threads on the adapter, but it can be thread formed (you may need to clamp it in a vise).
4) Slide a balloon onto the adapter as far as it will go, and then a little farther.
5) Inflate (Remember NOT to fully inflate or it will pop when you try to twist it).

  • 3D model format: STL





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