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BASS - Bathroom Amplified Smartphone Station - Smartphone docking station

3D model description

[English translation available at the bottom]

Modular bathroom amplifying docking station for smartphone.

With this station, the sound of your smartphone is clearly amplified (2 or 3 times to the ear, I do not have a decibel-meter) and allows you to comfortably watch a video or listen to music from your bathtub or your shower.

This station is offered in two versions:

  o A compact version with the base for the smartphone and three small circular compartments on the back,

  o A modular version that can accommodate two modules to choose from, both sides of the station.

Files for smartphone thicknesses 8, 10 and 12 mm are provided basic, but ask me in the comments for other thicknesses if needed.

Three modules are currently proposed, but others can be added at will respecting the form of the dock modules:

 o Jewelry holder

 o Pot for toothbrushes or swabs (adjustable in height).

 o Empty pocket (adjustable in width).

Smartphone amplified and modular docking station

With this station, your smartphone is greatly amplified (by 2 or 3, I would like to say it. .

This station exists in two versions:

  o A compact, non-modular version with the smartphone base and three little circular compartments on the rear side,

  o A modular version allowing you to dock two modules of your choice on its sides.

Files for pre-definds thicknesses of 8, 10 and 12 mm are provided, but you can ask me in the comments section for a specific thickness.

Three modules are still available, but others are included in the docking part of the modules:

 o Jewelry tree

 o Toothbrushes gold cotton swab pot (customizable in height).

 o Storage tray (customizable in width).


3D printing settings

No support needed.

Filling: 17%

Thickness: 0.2 mm

Modeled with OpenSCAD.

Printer: DAGOMA DiscoEasy200

Printing software: Cura by DAGOMA.

PLA white 1.75mm, Temperature: 205 ° C.

  • 3D file format: STL





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