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Automatic Rabbit & Small Animal Feeder

3D model description

This is a multi-section, 3D printed feeder for rabbits and other small animals. There is a lower bowl section and upper hopper sections. There is also and option lid. You can use just one hopper or maybe two or three if you have more space and want to have more feed in the storage section. I used clear PET filament as it is useful to see the level of feed left in the hopper sections and it is food safe. Although rabbits are supposed to eat mainly hay this feed is useful for occasions when an animal has to be left for two of three days. It just about prints without supports although you may find the internal slope section bows slightly with some plastics, but it'll still function OK. I've added an optional bevelled lip for the bowl section to reduce the spillage of the feed as the animals eat.

  • 3D file format: STL





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