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WPL C14 Side Fuel Tank for Li-Ion 18650

3D model description

Well so the WPL 1/16 C14 is considered a rock crawler, considering the low speed and grippy tires of the kit. But the CG is too high.

The reason i made this is to make a lookalike fuel tank that houses 2x 18650 Li-ion inside, and where it mounted, is at the center of the chassis and much lower CG than the stock location, reducing tip over at steep climb angle

Print settings
a. Side fuel tank V2 - print at 0.3mm, upright for best finishing, with brim and support
b. Clamp 1 & 2 - print at 0.1mm, brim is a must
c. Cover + & - V3 - try print at 0.1mm, with the symbol facing up

Drill the fuel tank mounting point with 2.5mm drill bit, then screw it onto chassis with M3 screw, glue the Clamp onto the tube. Once you have wired up the 2 Li-Ion, cover it up with the Cover + & - file

Get WPL C-14 Truck here

Get genuine Panasonic NCR18650B here

3D Printer i used

  • 3D model format: STL





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