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Wild Catz... with Jaws that Bite and Growl!

3D model description

Another thing that bites... like my Sharkz / Crocz / EagleZ this design also bites things! (NO SUPPORT REQUIRED)

However, Wild Catz work a slightly different way to create adequate 'spring' to make the jaw close. This requires two flex areas.... just push down on the back/shoulder with the belly supported to make the jaws open and expose the teeth. The 'internal teeth' teeth make Wild Catz bite onto things really well!

This design also has friction between the moving parts of the jaw as it opens and closes so, when opened/closed slowly it creates a low pitched noise that could be interpreted as a growl (...or purr). Print one then move the jaws and listen... grrrrrr!

At standard size Wild Catz are approx. 12.5cm long x 6cm tall. The print only uses 22gm of filamen and takes 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on MakerBot model and settings). Your Wild Catz should come off the build plate ready to bit (feed) as soon as the raft is removed.

The design must be printed to be strong to ensure adequate spring/tension to close the jaw fully. The clearances designed in should work okay on most machines with PLA. If your print will not free the jaw/teeth increase the scale uniformly by approx. 5% as that will increase the internal spacing necessary to make the jaw move. Refer to the instructions for further details.

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3D printing settings

On a Replicator 2 Wild Catz print well as follows:

  • Raft ON
  • Std. Resolution (0.20mm)
  • 3 Shells
  • 75% infill
  • Supports OFF

On a 5th Generation MakerBot increasing the shells to 4 is recommended. .

  • 3D model format: STL





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