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Watt the Half Truffle

3D model description

Goaty McGoatison sets his jaw with grim determination as he opens the large metal door that sits in front of him. As he pulls the handle with a heavy grunt the door swings freely open. As he stares into the dark abyss that is his refrigerator he thoughtfully decides what to eat. If he chooses the Boar Flank Sandwich proceed to [1C], if he chooses the Banana Split Burger proceed to [1B], if he decides to instead slam the door and proceed to eat himself then shut the book, you are dead.

If anyone would like to choose a path, feel free to comment and I will gladly add the next bit of the story

Introducing Watt the Half Truffle! Side Kick to the infamous Goaty McGoatison from a Choose Your Own Adventure some friends and I have been working on. I decided to add some of the story into my DnD campaign so I created the best mini to represent a Half Truffle, Half Otter (half robot in the future), all around great guy Watt McTruffles!

  • 3D file format: STL



I am an engineer by day and a part time 3D designer enthusiast by night. I mainly do table top minis, terrain, etc. but I have also done many other projects such as gun accessories and a few mech designs.

I'm flexible and easy to work with. So, if you don't like something you see then feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to make any changes so that my design fit your needs :)



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