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Warhammer Hand Flamer

3D model description

The Seraphim

  • The Seraphim are Sisters of Battle who are trained in using jump packs. They are known to carry 2 meticulously crafted hand flamers and use them simultaneously, making them experts at close combat. Seraphim Squads are deployed as a fast attack squad with the Sisters of Battle. As the Seraphim are usually engaged in close quarters combat, the weapons have the ability to be used in melee by creating small controlled explosions that use very minute amounts of fuel.

Is a Bolter just not doing it in your faithful purging of the unclean? Want to take the phrase "Burn the Heretic" a little more literally? Look no further!

This Hand Flamer is a single piece. It does not require support either!

it fits on a CR-10 but it might be too big for most printers. you can scale it down to some degree. Or cut it up into pieces using Meshmixer or another software.

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  • 3D file format: STL



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