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Vault for the card game

3D model description

This was designed for a friend, who enjoys a card game called "Diamonds" by Mike Fitzgerald. Six of these are needed for the game to store small acrylic crystals (Diamonds).

3D printing settings

Silver/grey PLA to look like a metal vault. 2 perimeters, .3mm layers for bottom and lid. .1mm layers for round insert. 20% infill. Printed on heated glass (no gluestick or tape). The round disk may snap into place on the lid but I recommend a little glue to hold it (maybe s small amount of thick CA). Align handle away from the hinge.

I printed these at 85% so they fit in the original box for the game.

Started with odie_wan's box design which has a very nice hinge. Thanks odie_wan.

UPDATED June 11, 2015: Added safecenterv2.stl and safelidv2.stl.

The first version had an inset in the lid for the disk but that required some bridging. The first version disk can just be glued to the top of the lid if needed.

The new v2 version does away with the bridged area and just has a hole. The new center disk is now keyed and a flange puts it in the right position. The new one just snaps into place. You may not need glue at all. I also print at 85% scale so the vaults should fit in the original game box.

  • 3D file format: STL





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