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Untamed Tyrannosaurs

3D model description

Carnosaurs are large apex predators that have terrorized the darkness of the primordial jungles since the dawn of this world's existence. Considered by many as the ultimate jungle hunter, with some growing nearly two stories tall, these massive reptilian beasts are powerfully built and highly aggressive creatures, with long, muscular hind limbs and a heavy tail that is used to balance its enlarged and powerful skull. Only the Dread Saurian are above even these mighty predators. Upon scenting prey, or catching sight of even the slightest amount of movement, the Carnosaur propels itself with enormous strides, moving with a surprising speed for such a large beast. A terrifying mount for any worthy Saurus.

Included are 4 different Carnosaurs in different poses. The .3mf file in the list includes all the models in the print for those that want them to resize and pose as they see fit. Hope they come in handy

  • 3D file format: 3MF and STL





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