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Trilobite (P149623)

3D model description

Trilobite from the collection of Museum Victoria

Species name: Metacanthina sp

Specimen registration number: P 149623

Found: near Alnif, Morocco

Geological time period: Devonian

Main picture acknowledgement: Ben Healley, Museum Victoria

More details about the specimen can be found on Museum Victoria Collections

3D printing settings

This model is from a scan of a fossil from the collection of Museum Victoria. A small portion of the original matrix has been removed from the base of the model.

The full model has been successfully printed in PLA on a Replicator 2 on the standard medium settings.

We found that greater definiton in the print can be achieved with the trilobite in a vertical orientation. In the additional STL files (Cut 1 and Cut 2), the model has been split to facilitate vertical printing.

  • 3D file format: STL



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